1 First_name : Constantine
2 Last_name : Linnick
3 Occupation : Software Developer
4 Mobile : +7(923)608-0556
5 Email : mail@blzr.me
6 Skype : theaspect


Many improvements and bugfixes to mercurial extension renders markdown at local mercurial repository.

Adjust extensions to easily use on Windows platform


Implemented configuration of branch styling on graph to visually distinguish main branch

Add sorting algorithm to convert command to optimize closed branches


Add whitelist policy to IPAccessHandler to optimize filter rules


Implemented file attaching for java driver during my graduate work


Backported bugfix to Grails 2

RiskMatch, Inc Software developer

May 2014 - Present (3+ years) Greenwich, USA, riskmatch.com

Business Intelligence for Insurance industry

Groovy, Grails, Mysql, Linux, AWS, Docker, Angular, Ruby, Python, SciKit

Simple solutions LLC Chief developer

September 2011 - April 2014(2.5 years) Kemerovo Region, Russian Federation, wiki.orangeuce.com

Unified communication solution for SMB based on freeswitch named Orange[uc]e

Java, JavaFX, Hibernate, Maven, Vaadin, ActiveMQ, Mysql, Freeswitch, Linux

Mirit LLC Software developer

April 2011 - September 2011 (6 months) Kemerovo Region, Russian Federation, mirit42.ru

Develop data management systems for Department of Education. Servers administration. Develop web service for electronic government.

Django, Python, Mysql, Linux, FreeBSD, PHP, SOAP

Doxcell LLC Chief developer

August 2010 - April 2011 (9 months) Kemerovo Region, Russian Federation, doxcell.ru

Develop universal data consolidation and reporting system doxcell. Servers administration. Deploy project management system.

Java, Oracle, Linux, Eclipse RCP

KemSU university Software engineer

July 2005 - July 2010 (5 years) Kemerovo Region, Russian Federation

Software developing and administration of information systems

Algorhytms, C, C++, Java, Oracle, Linux and Windows administration

Kit service LLC Software developer

September 2008 - August 2010 (2 years) Kemerovo Region, Russian Federation, reorganized to Doxcell LLC

Develop and support data consolidation and reporting system SPAD for Department of Education. Develop client software installer and updater. Excel reports consolidation. Servers administration.

Java, Oracle, Linux

Structure LLC Software developer

April 2008 - September 2008 (6 months) Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, reorganized to Kit service LLC

Adoptation for client traffic & billing system Esomo

C++, PostgreSQL, FreeBSD

v12 from June 24, 2017